White Paper – Immunopheresis® Technology Overview

Immunicom Inc. is an immuno-oncology company located in San Diego, CA that is developing a proprietary subtractive device-based technology platform as a novel approach to treating cancer. Immunicom’s immunomodulatory technologies incorporate an extracorporeal, medical device-based “subtractive” approach utilizing its proprietary apheresis column. The lead therapy currently under development focuses on removing sTNF-R immune-suppressive factors to restore TNF-α anti-tumor activity and to reactivate a patient’s immune system to potentially safely and effectively reduce tumor burden and otherwise address cancer. This therapy utilizes a proprietary recombinant protein initially developed at University of Stuttgart for which Immunicom has been granted worldwide exclusive rights for extracorporeal use through a license.[1] Additionally, in connection with the development of its sTNF-R ligand Apheresis Immunoadsorption Affinity Column, Immunicom has gained extensive expertise on the design, testing and production of Affinity Columns and has now developed a corporate “platform-based” technology capability that can potentially extend its proprietary “subtractive” apheresis therapeutic approach to other cytokine targets such as sIL-2R and TGF-beta, which are currently under early development by the Company.