Immunicom Appoints Jennifer Haldeman as Vice President of Commercial Operations

Executive with decades of leadership in biopharma and entrepreneurship to aid global commercialization efforts for Company’s Immunopheresis® therapy

SAN DIEGO – March 1, 2022Immunicom, Inc., a clinical-stage biotechnology company pioneering subtractive therapies for cancer and other autoimmune diseases, today announced Jennifer “J.D.” Haldeman has joined the company as Vice President of Commercial Operations.

Haldeman brings many decades of executive leadership experience to Immunicom. She has led commercial teams for both private and public companies in the biopharma, diagnostics, and medical device arenas, where she was responsible for launching more than a dozen innovative products. Jennifer spent the first ten years of her career with Warner-Lambert/Parke-Davis (now Pfizer), where she was elevated over time to lead the US Cardiovascular Marketing Team and a portfolio of products with over $500M in annual sales.

More recently as VP of Marketing at Progenity, she led upstream and downstream marketing and corporate communications for the company, which focused on women’s healthcare and cancer diagnostics. She was a founder and Chief Commercial Officer of Zogenix, Inc. (Nasdaq: ZGNX), a specialty pharma and medical technology company, recently acquired by UCB. She also led marketing at other early-stage pharma, diagnostics, and device companies, including MedVantx, InterMune, Tandem Medical, and Shaman Pharmaceuticals.

Asked about joining Immunicom, Haldeman stated, “I looked for the right product, people, and purpose, and the stars aligned with Immunicom. I have focused my entire career on bringing truly innovative products to market. Immunicom’s Immunopheresis therapy represents a significant new path to improve the immune health of patients receiving cancer therapy, enabling their bodies to fight cancer while limiting side effects and improving quality of life.” Haldeman continued, “Purpose-driven innovation is core to my personal mission, and as a former cancer patient, I am driven by the idea of helping other patients find strength and hope in a new type of therapy. I am ready to help accelerate Immunicom’s global mission to meet critical unmet needs in the treatment of cancer and autoimmune diseases.”

Subtractive Therapy – Immunopheresis® and the LW-02 Column
Immunopheresis uses proprietary molecules within the LW-02 Column to remove specific cytokine receptors shed by cancer cells. Cytokine receptors act like a smoke screen, obscuring cancer’s presence to the immune system, but they also reveal a vulnerability: cancer defends itself because the immune system can kill it. Targeted removal of cytokine receptors by the LW-02 Column is designed to disarm this cancer defense mechanism, unleashing the patient’s immune system to identify and aggressively attack cancer. In contrast to chemotherapies that add drugs to the body to fight cancer, Immunopheresis is a subtractive therapy: it adds no drugs by pivoting the point of treatment outside the body. Using apheresis – a process like dialysis – the treatment has been developed to avoid the typical side effects and toxicities of conventional treatments and improve quality of life for patients battling cancer and autoimmune diseases.
About Immunicom
Immunicom, Inc. is a privately held medical technology company that develops subtractive therapies for cancer, autoimmune disorders, and inflammatory and renal diseases. Immunicom’s blood-filtering Immunopheresis technology has the potential to effectively treat a wide variety of cancer types and other autoimmune diseases with a safer side-effect profile than conventional treatments. Immunicom’s lead product, the LW-02 column, previously received FDA Breakthrough Device designation in 2018 for stage IV metastatic cancer, and European regulatory clearance (CE Mark certification) in 2021 for use in adults with advanced, refractory, triple negative breast cancer. Immunopheresis is currently being evaluated in several global oncology trials for multiple cancers. Immunicom is headquartered in San Diego, CA, with operations in Houston, TX, Philadelphia, PA, Krakow, Poland, and Istanbul, Turkey.